How to Make 10 Healthy Flavored Water Recipes

You may be searching for ways to make your water more exciting. Your first thought may be to head to the store and pick up some flavored water. But if you want to go the extra mile and avoid the added colors and sugars that often come in these water enhancers, we’ve got 10 delicious ideas for you to try from Reader’s Digest.

Jalapeno and Watermelon Water

The combination sounds intriguing, but your body will love you for it. Watermelon is packed with vitamins A and C, while jalapenos offer capsaicin, which promotes the release of endorphins. You can’t find a much simpler or healthier way to boost your energy than with this tasty beverage.

Apples and cinnamon

As you’ll see in the article, “skinny spice” cinnamon can help lower blood sugar concentration and improves your sensitivity to insulin. Apples, meanwhile, have been shown to help a wide variety of serious ailments, from fighting off Alzheimer’s to protecting against colon cancer.

Strawberries and basil

If you find it difficult to get enough iron in your diet on a regular basis, this mixture in your water can help. Strawberries and basil provide iron from the herb and vitamin C. It’s a combination that helps keep your skin healthy.

Raspberry and Pineapple Chunk Ice Cubes

These make for a tasty treat, particularly in the summertime. Simply freeze in raspberries and pineapples using ice cubes. For an added twist, throw them in some coconut water and notice the difference in hydration.

Blueberries, Peach, Lemon and Mint

Get your fix of antioxidants with this must-try mixture! The mint adds a carotene-rich aromatic herb, making your natural water enhancers even more delicious.

Lime Slices and Basil

Though limes are traditionally used to make our drinks look more attractive, they have a number of healthy benefits when consumed, including vitamin C. The addition of basil provides a key dose of iron.

Orange Slices and Vanilla Bean

Called detoxinista, this combination hydrates like few others can. Both oranges and vanilla are naturally high in antioxidants. You can also use vanilla extract in place of vanilla bean and still reap the same benefits.

Blackberries and Sage

Blackberries contain plenty of fiber coupled with heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats. Sage, on the other hand, makes a great source for vitamin A, calcium and iron.

Cucumber Slices and Lemongrass

Take advantage of a cucumber’s hydration qualities with this refreshing drink. You may have never had lemongrass in your water before, but it can help regulate your digestive tract.

Peach Slices and Cayenne Pepper

Enjoy the delectable taste of sweet peaches with the kick of some cayenne pepper. Drinking this may help curb appetite and aid in calorie burn.

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