Hydration Pack Fit and Features

One of the main ways to ensure that your hiking, running, or biking adventure goes smoothly is to make sure that you have everything you need in your hydration pack. Whether you need extra layers, your keys, or just a protein bar, you will need to be prepared while on the trails. However, if a hydration pack doesn’t fit correctly, it can lead to many issues when trying to make it through your trip. The same goes for the features of your pack. If you get annoyed at narrow packs that are hard to clean, you may want to consider one with a wider opening to make that process easier. Read on to learn more about sizing and features before you purchase your next hydration pack!

Sizing Your Hydration Pack Properly

The right fitting hydration pack will fit your torso length properly rather than your overall height, and it will have a comfortable grip on your hips. If the pack doesn’t have a hip belt, you will need to rely solely on the torso length. Many packs will have sizing guides so you will have a decent idea of where to start.

  • Torso Length: Some packs come in different sizes that were designed to accommodate different torso lengths. These will change depending on the manufacturer, and your size will also depend on your gender. Some packs will have an adjustable suspension to fit your torso specifically.
  • Waist Size: The hip belt portion of your hydration pack will usually fit around your waist. Take a look at a waist guide for the makers of your hydration pack. This will help you know where to start.
  • Women-Specific: Some companies offer hydration packs that are specific to women. They usually have hip belts and shoulder straps that have been designed to comfortably fit around women’s curves. The torso dimensions are typically shorter and narrower than the men’s as well.
  • Youth Packs: Oftentimes, these packs are much more adjustable to account for children’s growth. However, some people will choose women’s backpacks, as they were made for narrower torsos.

Features of Your Hydration Pack

Do you know what sorts of features you want on your hydration pack? Different people have different preferences, so keep in mind what will be the most convenient for you.

  • Bite valves: These valves might twist to open or close, or they might have a switch to keep water from getting out. Choose your preference!
  • Tube portals: This is a slit that is located in the backpack that will allow you to put the drinking tube through. Some packs will offer two slots for this on either side so you can choose the side that makes the most sense to you. Others will have the slit located in the middle.
  • Clips: A clip will help you keep your tube in position so you can access it easily.
  • Quick-disconnect tubing: Some reservoirs will include a tube that can be disconnected quickly and easily. This is helpful when you need to refill your pack partway through a hike. You can usually disconnect the tube with a button and remove the reservoir from your pack.
  • Wide-mouth opening: These openings allow you to slide your hand into the opening, which makes cleaning your pack a much easier task than it would be otherwise. You can always choose a reservoir with a smaller opening, however, and find a cleaning kit to scrub the inside.
  • Cold weather add-ons: Sometimes the winter can cause problems with hydration packs! You can add insulated sip tubes and reservoirs to prevent everything from freezing.
  • Rain cover: If you intend to go out even in rainy weather, then a rain cover may help you feel better protected from the elements.

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