Signs You’re Dehydrated – Part Two

In our previous blog, we talked about some of the top ways to know that your body is dehydrated. These include everything from simply feeling thirsty to disorientation and headaches. However, that isn’t as bad as bad as it could be. Today, we would like to list five more signs that you are not as hydrated as you would like to believe. Make sure you are staying safe and mindful of your body’s needs when on the go with Infuze LLC! Our water pack filters are perfect for hydration without sticky flavorings getting trapped in your flavor pack.

Muscle Cramps

Muscle fatigue is normal after a long period of exercise, but cramping is not as expected. This is a serious sign of dehydration! The body needs both water and salt to keep the muscles moving, meaning that a lack of these is going to cause cramping. The main sign to look for is widespread cramping and not just tension in a small section of the muscles. If you do experience tension in one small area, that’s usually just a sign of being overworked.

Prevent cramping by drinking sports beverages with sodium, or choose healthy but sodium-filled snacks like pretzels or cheeses. The sodium helps your body retain the water.

Lack of Sweat

If you are no longer sweating, you are in serious need of hydration. It’s also a sign of overheating or even a heat stroke. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to take steps to cool down rapidly to prevent any serious issues.

Dark Urine

If your urine is colored lightly, like straw, your body is hydrated! However, if it’s dark or there is blood in it, it’s time to stop exercising and focus on your hydration. Also, clear urine usually indicates that you are a little too hydrated.


While there are a few causes of fevers, one of them is dehydration. This is because your body is overheating, which leads to a change in your body’s temperature set point. Excessing overheating is a major sign that you are in danger. You should stop exercising immediately, hydrate, and even take an ice bath to cool your body back to a regular temperature.

Dry and Shriveled Skin

Hydrated skin appears to be doughy and full. Yes, hydration helps your complexion! However, your skin cells rely on hydration for their elasticity. That’s what allows your skin to bounce back. If you pinch your skin and it doesn’t go right back to your body, that usually means you are dehydrated.

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Make sure you pay close attention to your body, as there are many signs that you are not hydrated enough. Also, keep in mind that proper hydration cannot entirely protect you from hyperthermia or heat stroke, so if you notice any of these symptoms or the ones listed in our previous blog, please stop what you are doing! Your health matters much more than a workout that could land you in the hospital.

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