Necessary Hiking Tools – Part Two

Welcome back! In our last blog post, we covered some of the top items you should bring with you on your next hike—regardless of how easy or difficult it may be. We mentioned wearing the right hiking shoes, bringing along a map and a compass, as well as toting some extra water and food in case of an emergency or an injury. Today, we are going to cover a few more things you should bring on your next hiking trip.

Extra Clothes and Rain Gear

The weather can switch at any moment, so it’s never a bad idea to have a poncho with you or a rain jacket to keep you protected. Also, dressing in layers will allow you to adapt to the temperature as it fluctuates over the day. However, we do recommend that you avoid cotton and that you carry a hat. Cotton keeps moisture close to your skin, which can cause irritation. Hats can help you protect your eyes and your scalp from the sun.

Safety Items

You never know what can happen. The warmth of a fire and some extra clothes could be the difference between hypothermia and a cozy night’s sleep. Bring items to make a fire, pack a light, and wear a whistle around your neck. Fires are a great way to signal for help if you get lost, and blowing on your whistle will be much more effective than trying to use your voice. Blow the whistle in three short bursts to signal for help. Also, in case you’re out past the sun, having a flashlight is a good idea to check the map and see where you are walking.

First Aid Kit

It’s easy to find pre-packaged first-aid kits designed for hikers! They will include bandages, ointments, and other items you might need in case of an emergency. If you want to be absolutely certain that you know what to do in an emergency, sign up to take a first-aid class! A wilderness one might be just what you need.

Knife or Other Multi-Purpose Tool

With a knife or other sharp tool, you’ll be able to cut strips of cloth into bandages, get rid of any splinters, fix eyeglasses if they break, and get creative with your gear if it should break. The uses are endless, so don’t be caught without something so lightweight and useful!

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

That sun will not take it easy on you! Even if you are in the shade of the trees, it’s always good to stay protected. If you are hiking above the treeline, there is a skin-scorching combination of sun and snow. Make sure you wear sunglasses to prevent slow blindness and sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

Backpack/Hydration Pack

Your backpack should be designed to be brought on hikes and carry as much as you need it to. Hike the smart way and plan ahead! Some hiking backpacks even come with a rain cover built in. Many of these packs also include a hydration pack, so you can drink water on the go without having to stop.

Infuze LLC

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