Moments You’ll Wish You Had A Water Infuser

You’re about to take the first step in the journey of a lifetime. For weeks, you’ve planned out your adventure, and you’ve packed and repacked your backpack. At the trailhead, you fill up your water bottles and Camelbak one last time.  From here on, you have to rely on the water you find. Nothing you haven’t done before, but there might be something you’re missing on this outing. From here on out, you’ll wish you had a water infuser.

When The Water Looks Like Coffee But Tastes Like Something Else

You look out across the dusty red trails of Bears Ears National Monument, and breath in the dry air. You’re overwhelmed by the immensity of the mesas and buttes around you. You travel across canyon floors that are as wide as city streets. And there’s that dry air again, leaving you with that particularly parched feeling. You shake your backpack-bound shoulders and listen for the familiar sloshing sound of your Camelbak, but hear nothing. Your water bladder is as dry as the ground. You look down and see a puddle of murky brown water. It smells a little funny, and you can see something the size of a dust particle swimming in it. But it’s the first water you’ve seen in two miles, and you’ve got a filter with you. Your water may be treated now, but it tastes the way it looks; funky. Water infusers can be a welcome relief in moments like this.

When You Need The Taste Of Something Different

It’s day four of your backpacking adventure, and you’ve been the crushing miles. The crisp mountain water is easy to treat and is always the perfect temperature. But after a while, the novelty of fresh-from-the-source water wears off, and sometimes you want a taste of something different. Using a water infusor can feel like a real treat when you’ve been bagging peaks for days on end. Your favorite water enhancer might be the perfect addition to your freeze dried dinner. It might even help you digest all that granola you’ve been putting away.

When You Need A Pick-Me-Up

The sun set hours ago, and you finally roll into your campsite for the night. You put up your tent, and barely get the fly on before the clouds open up and drench you in rain. Between the uneven ground, that slow-leak in your air mattress, and the thunder overhead, you didn’t get your best night. Some water enhancers have caffeine or naturally stimulating additives to help your get-up-and-go the next morning.  Having a water infuser on hand can keep you moving along the trail all day.

No More Wishing, Infuze Is Here

Whatever your adventure might be, water is one of the most important parts of your outdoor experience. Clip the lightweight Infuze device to the strap of your backpack, and plug your hose in. Our unique cartridge and regulator design mean that you never have to put water enhancers in your Camelbak. It keeps your gear clean, so you can feel fresh on the trail. With Infuze, you always have a steady supply of the best water flavor enhancer as you send your next ascent.