Producing the one and only product of its kind, the Infuze team started our venture because of our healthy love for the outdoors. As with most innovations, the idea for a water infuser system came through personal need. While trekking local trails, our inventive leaders lamented not being able to flavor their water without risking the growth of mold within their hydration packs. And, of course, there was the issue of then having to drink only that flavor for the rest of the day. Any hiker will tell you this isn’t enjoyable once you can’t get the sugary taste out of your mouth.

And that’s when our mental gears started churning.

Drink Infuser Creation

After many design changes and upgrades to materials, the Infuze was born. Through an initial funding campaign on Kickstarter, we were able to bring our idea to fruition. With the intent of helping all outdoor enthusiasts and athletes of all types by letting them choose to flavor their water at any time, we’ve created an innovative product that eliminates the pre-existing problems that infusing your water on the trail can create.

Equipped with a dial flavor control and backflow preventer, the Infuzer allows you to decide just how much, when, and where you drink plain water and when you amp it up with your flavor of choice.

Try Our Drink Enhancer Today

We invite you to discover the difference, finding out more about Infuze by ordering yours today. Not only do we guarantee its high quality and functionality, but we strive to ensure your complete satisfaction.