Who are We?

Infuze is a cutting-edge, entrepreneurial venture that supports the ability of innovation and creativity to change our lives for the better. We offer outdoor-oriented consumers high-quality water enhancers meant to heighten their experiences. With this technology, we hope to get more and more people out and enjoying their natural environments.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been where you are – on the trail, wanting and needing that little boost that plain water just doesn’t deliver as quickly as you would like. When this happens, we know you’ve stopped just short of adding a flavor enhancer to your hydration pack and wondered, “Wait, is this okay to do?”

The Best Water Enhancer on the Market

Our product allows you to add a dose of flavor to your water without risking damage to the lining of your hydration pack. The innovative Infuze lets you enjoy any outdoor or sports activity by hydrating with more than just water when desired. And, you can switch back to plain water safely without messy annoyances or watered-down flavor left behind.

With the easy turn of a dial and a quick click of a cartridge, Infuze allows users to simply and neatly add their favorite water flavor to their hydration delivery system on the go. Using Infuze is literally as simple as “Water In, Flavor Out.”

Our water infusers are equipped with a backflow preventer. This means that our state-of-the-art flavor infuser keeps sugars, electrolytes, and other ingredients out of your hydration pack, safely delivering your custom dash of flavor directly to you.

Shop for yours today and taste the difference for yourself!