An inline flavoring system
Plain water or Infuze your water at the turn of a dial

# Infuzeyourlife

Infuze Vessel

Choose from awesome color options, BPA free Titan plastic bottles, or Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel bottles.

Already have a bottle your love! No problem! Our Infuzion Lid will fit any wide mouth bottle! Including your hydro flask.

Infuze Elixirs

The Infuze Flavor Center is your one-stop-shop for water enhancers! Choose from the specially formulated Elixirs, packed with electrolytes, B-vitamins, and energy Supplements. (Your best choice, obviously.)

Or choose from a variety of flavors from your favorite brands. Either way the flavor center is here to help you Infuze Your Life anyway you want to!

Infuze Hydro

The Infuze Hydro is the first of its kind inline delivery system for hydration packs.

This Bad boy has been designed in unison with the US Military and attaches ANY hydration pack. So what are you waiting for? Infuze your adventures today! 

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