Plain Water Alternatives to Keep You Hydrated

While we at Infuze LLC love water as it is, we also understand that it can become a little bit, well, boring. Since water has no flavor, it can feel almost like we aren’t drinking anything at all! Even though everyone seems to know that water is important for staying hydrated and keeping our bodies working at their very best, some people simply can’t bring themselves to drink that much plain water. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of the top ways you can hydrate your body in a tastier, easier way. If you have an interest in taking some tasty, enhanced water on your next big adventure, be sure to shop Infuze!

Juice Spritzer

Make this tasty and refreshing drink to help you get some more fluids and possibly vitamins into your diet. You can mix seltzer water with 100 percent juice, but try to use as little juice as possible. Also, count each half cup of juice as a fruit serving for the day so you don’t accidentally consume too much sugar. The juice in combination with the seltzer water will be a delicious, bubbly treat that will help you hydrate better than reaching for a fizzy, sugary soda would.

Green Tea

Green tea is the perfect combination of flavor, hydration, and a little bit of a health boost. These delicious and popular teas contain phytochemicals which can help your body fight off disease. A cup of green tea also contains caffeine for those of you who like a little pick-me-up during the day to keep you powering through. Green tea has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels while also improving the way our blood flows through our bodies. Even if you don’t like green tea, don’t think you can’t choose another type of tea! Both herbal and black teas are great choices when looking for hydration. For added sweetness, add a teaspoon of honey.

This also applies to iced fruit tea! Just do your best to make your own, as bottled iced teas are usually packed with sugar and unnecessary flavorings. If you find that brewing your own iced tea makes it taste less sweet than you had hoped, try adding some freshly squeezed lemon, lime, or orange juice to add to the overall flavor. If that doesn’t work, serve the tea over ice cubes that have been made from half juice and half water. As they melt, they will flavor your tea better!


A glass of milk is full of calcium and does count towards your daily hydration goal! For those of you who are trying to watch your weight, adding a little bit of cocoa powder to your milk can create a chocolate milk that doesn’t have too much sugar or calories per glass.

Vegetable Juice

We don’t recommend chugging vegetable juice all day, since it tends to be high in sodium, but a glass of vegetable juice is a good way to get some extra nutrients in your day. It also counts towards your hydration goals! If you have a juicer in your home, you can make your own fresh juice by blending raw veggies and some fresh fruit together for some sweetness.

Water Enhancer from Infuze

It can be difficult to embark on a great hiking or camping adventure, think about staying hydrated, and motivate yourself to keep drinking plain water all day! With that in mind, we created our water flavor enhancer that was designed to give you control over the flavor of your water. Add as much or as little flavoring as you would like to get the best possible flavor! Our backflow technology ensures that, no matter what flavor you choose, you won’t experience a gross, sticky aftertaste from your hydration pack in the future.

Also, no matter what brand you have, we know that our enhancer will attach with ease. Don’t settle for ordinary water any longer. Try our infuser and let us know what you think! There are many ways to motivate yourself to stay hydrated through the day, and we would like to think that our pack is one of the best ways to do just that. Shop our online store today to choose yours.