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We’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of proper hydration, signs and symptoms of dehydration, and even dehydration in the elderly. Now we want to talk about making sure you’re hydrated, especially if you don’t like the taste of water.

How to stay hydrated without water, that’s the big question huh? It’s a common misconception that in order to be hydrated you have to drink a ton of pure water. While water certainly helps with hydration and we’re still a big proponent of all things sweet H20, we wanted to talk about how to get proper fluids when you don’t like the taste of water.

There’s a couple ways to do this, including healthy water flavoring and hydrating food.

Hydrating Food

What foods help with dehydration? It’s a question not many ask at first. Surprisingly enough, there are many foods that can be extremely beneficial when preventing or overcoming dehydration. If you’re asking yourself, “what should I eat for dehydration?” we’ll list our top 18 favorite hydrating foods and recipes below.

Watermelon: Packed with flavor and extra water, watermelon is our first favorite. We also don’t mind this easy HEALTHY WATERMELON SORBET, free from additives and refined sugar. Yes please!

Peaches: The sweet fruit of summer, we love them sliced, diced, and whole. A fun twist is this fresh peach salsa recipe we found, a great way to add some extra water to your meal.

Strawberries: They’re good with shortcake, dipped in chocolate, sliced, or whole on their own. If you’re thinking more outside the box, this strawberry salad with poppyseed dressing recipe looks warm, inviting, and perfect for summer.

Cantaloupe: One of our favorite melons, we were overjoyed to find this cantaloupe sorbet recipe. Just give us all the sorbet, we’ll be fine.

Coconut Water: While some may say it’s an ‘acquired taste’, coconut water can be incredibly hydrating and delicious. We’d never considered making our own until we found this yummy coconut water recipe.

Cauliflower: You’ve heard about cauliflower rice, cauliflower tortillas, even cauliflower ‘mashed potatoes’, but what about a classic roasted cauliflower side dish? We’re adding it to our dinner menu this week.

Oranges: Orange slices are a classic treat, but we spiced it up a little with this honey mint orange slice recipe. It’s simple, classic, but has a little touch of fancy as well.

Celery: Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest celery juice recipes or ‘ants on a log’, but we did find this yummy looking celery and shrimp stir-fry that looks like it would be simple to make but oh so delicious.

Cucumber: If you grew up like we did, cucumbers in vinegar were a summer time staple on our family dinner table. We found similar nostalgia in this creamy cucumber salad recipe.

Iceberg Lettuce: Salads can get monotonous after time, it’s true, but we love the simplicity in preparing this classic wedge salad recipe, and we love the different ways you can spice it up.=

Zucchini: Is your favorite part of almost any eating out experience the fries? Yeah, us too. We’re delighted with this low-carb zucchini fries recipe that give the satisfaction of fries with healthier benefits.

At Infuze, we love hydration in it’s whole. Whether you’re hydrating with a sweet water bottle, like our Vessel, or spicing up the dinner menu with one of the recipes above, it all works for us. What foods work for hydration? The list continues well passed our favorites. If you try these recipes or have a few of your own, comment below to be featured.

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