2 Month Flavor Supply - Infuze Hydration

2 Month Flavor Supply

Load your subscription with your favorite flavors including Elixir|Natural.


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Flavor You'll Love

Elixir subscription saves you money on Gatorade, Coke, and other soft drinks by giving you a 1 month supply of the only flavor you need for $20 (subscription is billed bi-monthly)

Because you can flavor 1280oz of water with each subscription refill you’ll never have to drink plain water again.

Infuze Elixirs increase water intake and decrease soda intake. Zero-calorie flavoring means that, unlike soda, enjoy your drink without extra calories. Workout recovery is easy with Elixir’s boosting electrolytes.

With the snap and secure lock cap, our new and improved Elixir bottles are resealable. Choose convenience with on-the-go flavor, choose variety with 5 flavor options, choose peace of mind with resealable Elixir bottles.

Designed with our cartridge in mind, our new Elixir bottles feature a long pour spout, designed to fit inside the flavor tank opening to avoid accidental spills. The squeeze bottle puts control directly in your hands to choose just how much flavor you want, when you want it.

(Not just limited to just the Vessel)

Add Elixir to your Vessel, water bottle, cup, or mug. Enjoy exquisite flavoring without limiting yourself to just one water bottle.