Flavor Center

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Choose any combination of Infuze Elixirs to Infuze your Life. Packed with electrolytes, b-vitamins and delicious flavor, you can’t go wrong. Click the add button, select your quantities, and add them to your cart. Scroll through our other options of flavors to customize your order with the flavors you want.  Nutritional Facts:


  • Elixir - Fruit Punch - Single

  • Elixir - Lemon - Single

  • Elixir - Grape - Single

  • Elixir - Orange - Single

  • Elixir - Black Peach Tea- Single

  • Elixir - Strawberry Watermelon- Single

  • Elixir Natural - Fruit Punch - Single

  • Elixir Natural - Lemon - Single

  • Elixir Natural - Orange - Single

  • Mio- Black Cherry - Single

    Out of stock

  • Koolaid- Grape - Single

    Out of stock

  • Koolaid- Orange - Single

    Out of stock

  • Crystal Light- Strawberry Lemonade - Single

    Out of stock

  • Stur- Fruit Punch - Single

    9 in stock

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