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Flavor Lid


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The perfect way to “top off” any wide mouth water bottle.  Go from water, to flavor and back to water with the simple turn of a dial.


Our patented system mixes flavor in the lid instead of the bottle so that flavor will never ruin another expensive bottle.  You can use any liquid water enhancer or Infuze Elixir.   The Flavor Lid fits on any wide mouth bottle (HydroFlask, Camelback, Nalgene, 50/50,etc.)


  • Easy To Use: Fill your flavor tank, then turn the dial to adjust flavor intensity.  So easy!
  • Universal Fit: Modern sleek design fits any wide mouth water bottle.
  • Flavor Dial:  Choose water or flavor.  Control flavor intensity.
  • Flavor Tank: Reusable, refillable.  Compatible with any liquid water enhancer (Infuze Elixir, Mio, Crystal Light, Stur, etc.)
  • Straw Lid: Leak-proof and backwash proof. Perfect for drinking at the gym or on the go.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You’ll love it.  If not, you have two weeks to return it for free!



Weight4.7 oz

10 reviews for Flavor Lid

  1. hayden

    This lid is so dope! At first I wondered if switching between water and flavor was a big deal, but I love it. I never get bored of water so I end up drinking a ton more.

  2. Terri

    I love this lid! #1- it comes with a straw in the lid unlike my Hydroflask lid. #2- I love the ability to change from water to flavor in the same bottle just by adjusting the dial right by my fingers. I would highly recommend this lid- add it to your bottle collection at home and it will be your go-to lid!

  3. Paul

    I replaced my hydro flask lid with this and it is so awesome!!!!

  4. Ryan

    I love this lid. It fits perfectly on my nalgene plastic bottle.

  5. Tanner

    Honestly use this product way more then I thought I would. It’s a must have for any one that wants to drink more water. Also important to know, the threads of the lid match up with almost every water bottle I have. Not just the insulated bottles.

  6. Nicole

    If I could give more stars I would! I have been a faithful hydroflask user for years. When I discovered the Infuze vessel I decided to give it a try. I have doubled my water intake. The vessel has the same great features of a hydroflask with the added benefit of flavored water at the turn of the dial. I took my smaller vessel to France and it fit into my purse perfectly. I’ll never go anywhere without one!

  7. April (verified owner)

    Bought an extra lid for my Fiancé after I got my own bottle since we already have tons of Hydroflask style bottles at home. It’s so nice to be able to switch from flavor to water and back whenever I feel like. I don’t drink from anything else anymore (good bye dirty cups in the sink!).

  8. Emerson Stamper

    I love my camelbak and drink a lot of water all the time. The only reason why I never used flavorings was because I really don’t drink that much flavored water in one sitting. Once I found this I had to try it, especially since I didn’t have to use it with just one kind of bottle. I actually had to buy a larger bottle because I have found myself drinking more water than I did before. This is a must buy!

  9. Dao Li (verified owner)

    Had a problem with my lid so I contacted the support. Lindsey replied the morning after and sent a replacement immediately! Awesome customer service!

  10. Jay (verified owner)

    I got this to replace my Hydroflask lid (as well as another flavor bottle from The Other Guys — I like flavored water, but the disposable nature of their spout/flavor modules is problematic for its profligacy with plastic in this day and age), but I really wish it would’ve come with a longer straw that can support 40 oz bottles.

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