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Silicone Straw


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Anti-Microbial silicon straw replacement. (This pack includes one 18 oz & one 32 oz straw)

2 reviews for Silicone Straw

  1. Nicole

    These silicone straws are awesome for my vessel. I love how easy they are to clean. I’ve had plastic straws before and the tend to split where they attach to the lid. These stay perfectly without slipping or cracking. They are like any silicone and dust does stick to it, but it’s super easy to rinse off. But let’s be honest, I never give it time to collect dust because I’m always using my vessel.

  2. April (verified owner)

    I bought extra straws just because they are good to have. I have never used or seen a silicone straw but I love it! I’ve had normal straw lids before and I always found it so annoying that the rigid plastic straw had to be in the center of the bottle and it made it a pain to use with ice, these silicone straws completely eliminate this problem! I use big squares of ice in my bottle that barely fit through the opening (they last the longest for the coldest drink experience) and have no issue whatsoever screwing the lid back on. If I could provide one suggestion it would be for longer straws! I have an arsenal of 42oz water bottles, and a few gallon sized ones as well, but the straws don’t quite make it to the bottom.

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