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Looking for the best hydration packs and bottles? The weather is warming up quickly and adventure is on it’s way. With the warming sun comes the importance of having adequate hydration. Whether it’s the best hydration pack for hiking or rock climbing, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hydration packs and bottles for you. Find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and fulfill your hydration needs, without a bulky bothersome pack or bottle getting in the way. Browse our favorite hydration solutions below by clicking on an activity:

Hiking Hydration Packs:

When it comes to hiking, convenience and quantity really come into play. Hydration packs can either make or break your hike for you. Fit, storage, and accessibility are key factors for the best hydration pack when wandering the trails. Perfect for short day hikes or longer day trips, our top picks below are what we consider the best hydration packs for hiking.

  • Osprey Tempest 9
  • The Osprey Tempest 9 definitely boasts the most hydration storage, with an external hydration sleeve and 9L of storage for a full day of hiking, without the hassle of stopping to refill
  • The breathable back panel, hip belt, and BioStretch harness provide the comforting fit you need and confidence to balance when you need to.
  • With panel access to the main compartment, zippered hipbelt pockets, and a bungee storage on the front panel, the Tempest 9 provides outstanding and varied storage options.
  • Osprey Escapist 32 Daypack
  • The Osprey Escapist 32 Daypack is perfect for storing your water and your gear, along with a few necessary extra layers.
  • Featuring a Biostretch harness and forming hip belt, the fit of this pack made it stand out from the rest. Whether it goes with you for a few miles or a few hours, your back will have the support it needs with even weight distribution.
  • The many visible outer pockets, and inner pockets make it perfect for easy organization of essentials and gear, along with your hydration bladder or bottles.
  • Camelbak Rim Runner 22
  • The pockets spread throughout the outer layer, inside, and across the hip belt provide a myriad of storage solutions. It also provides accessible storage for small essentials, like keys, money, and phones, that won’t require you to remove your pack in order to access them.
  • With 2.5 available liters of hydration storage, you’ll be set for a mind full of hiking without the worry.

Hiking Hydration Bottles:

If you prefer to ditch the pack and go with a bottle for your hiking hydration needs, we’ve gathered together our favorites. Picked for durability, convenience and use, browse below to find the best hiking water bottle.

  • Infuze Hydration
  • The Infuze Hydration Vessel is a one-of-a-kind hydration flavoring system. Allowing you to go back and forth from flavor at the turn of a dial, the hydration possibilities just got that much better.
  • The stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle will keep your drinks at the temperature you want, with the peace-of-mind durable stainless steel provides. Perfect for hiking, where your mind can stay on the adventure and not on protecting your gear.
  • Sporting 32 oz and 18 oz bottles, Infuze offers various hydration solutions depending on your need.
  • Yeti
  • The no-sweat design of the Yeti water bottle gives you the convenience of a cool drink without the hassle.
  • The stainless steel bottle provides durable support so your hydration system can stand up to your level of adventure.
  • Finally, we get down to convenience. The Yeti is dishwasher safe, which means you can spend more time recovering after your hike and less time cleaning your equipment.
  • HydroFlask 24 Oz Bottle
  • Hydroflasks’ biggest Standard Mouth bottle, which means more hydration and longer adventures.
  • The Lifetime warranty of Hydroflask adds a little confidence to your purchase, especially if the terrain you’re looking at is on the rougher side.
  • The Hydroflask is also stainless steel vacuum-insulated which means you’ll enjoy a cool drink or warming sip, whenever adventure calls for it.

Trail Running Hydration Packs/Vests:

Hydration while trail running is all about fit, accessibility, and accomodation. We found what we think are the best trail running hydration packs around.

In order to find the best hydration pack for trail running, we went for packs that provided the storage you need, accessibility and fit you prefer. Continue reading to see our top picks.

  • Camelbak Circuit Vest 500Z
  • Similar to hydration day packs, hydration vests are built with the storage capabilities of a pack, but with the accomodation running demands.
  • The lighter design of the Camelbak Circuit Vest means you won’t have to worry about extra weight. The tighter design and chest straps allow you to snug it down to your form, so you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.
  • The zippered pockets and open pockets on the front enable to store your phone, and any extra water you may need.
  • Osprey Dyna 15 With 1.5L Reservoir
  • Touting the smallest design, the Osprey Duro provides tight, form-fitting solutions.
  • With a 1.5L reservoir, the Duro enables you to have better hydration, no matter what terrain your run takes you on.
  • Both zippered and mesh pockets give you varied storage solutions, whether it’s your keys, phone, or extra accessories.
  • Osprey Dyna 15 With 2.5L Reservoir
  • The sleek design provides a more specific women’s style, which is nice for those looking for a more feminine fit.
  • There are numerous storage options, with bigger storage compartments on the back and easy-access pockets in the front.
  • With front straps on the hips and chest, a bounce-free fit means you’ll spend less time worrying about the vest you’re carrying and fully focus on your run.

Trail Running Bottles:

If you’re looking for a more handheld hydration solution for your trail runs, we’ve compiled our top three trail running water bottles and flasks for your next jaunt up the mountain.

  • Camelbak Quick Stow Flask
  • With a flexible outer shell, the Camelbak quick stow flask is perfect for hand-held use, or stored in the front pocket of a vest or pack for extra hydration.
  • Featuring the classic Camelbak bite-valve, it’s great for quick water intake, however much volume you need.
  • The flexibility also means when it’s empty you can fold it down for quick storage, so you don’t have to carry a heavy, empty bottle the rest of your run.
  • Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask
  • This flask is designed for a natural grip, which could mean more comfort on your run and less distraction.
  • With grip inserts, exterior pockets for phones and keys, and reflective fabric this bottle has all the extras.
  • The flexible design of the plastic makes it easy to squeeze as much water as you need.
  • Amphipod Hydraform Flash HydroStrobe Minimalist
  • Similar to the Nathan SpeedDraw Insulated flask, the Amphipod HydroStrobe offers the same comfortable grip and ease.
  • The minimalist approach means no pockets, but it does include a divider for cash/keys and an illumination option for increased
  • The comfort continues on as it’s dishwasher safe, which means cleaner equipment and less hassle for you.visibility.

Mountain Biking Packs:

To find the best hydration pack for mountain biking, the perfect pack includes hydration and gear storage, but a compact design that is going to move with you on the rough terrain you’re going to encounter.

For our mountain biking friends, we picked packs that included a close fit for more stability of your gear, with a sleek design that is going to form to you and won’t snag on anything.

  • Camelbak M.U.L.E Hydration Pack
  • Known as Camel-bak’s best-selling pack, the MULE is built for functionality. Designed with mountain biking in mind, it has all the storage you need, with-out the extra bells and whistles getting in the way.
  • The sleek design lends comfort that this pack will stick with you all day, on any terrain you choose to conquer.
  • Osprey Sylva 5
  • It also brings 100 oz. of hydration with you, keeping you fueled and ready for the next adventure.
  • With a minimalist design in mind, this pack is perfect for hydration and storage of the essentials.
  • The sleek design will help it mold to your body and go along with you for the ride.
  • A removable rain cover adds additional protection options should you find yourself in a bit of rain or weather.
  • Deuter Race Exp Air
  • This pack has flexible storage options, with a sleek design and compact shape originally. With volume expansion capability, you decide how much bulk you want to take with you.
  • Weighing a mere 800 grams, it’s a great lightweight storage option you might hardly even notice.
  • Mesh shoulder straps and 3-side ventilation makes this pack more breathable so you won’t have to worry.

Mountain Biking Bottles:

If you’re looking for the minimalist convenience of a bottle, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites that should stay with your bike on smooth or jagged terrain.

  • Camelbak Podium Ice
  • With 21 ounces of fluid storage, this bottle brings quite a bit of hydration without the extra weight.
  • Touting Aerogel insulation, ride longer knowing your drinks will be cool.
  • The self-seal cap enables you to easily get the hydration you need, without the extra mess.
  • Fabric Cageless Bottle
  • Probably the best feature of the Fabric Cageless bottle is its ability to mount to your bike without a cage. It fits directly to your bike with a minimalist look and design.
  • Foam cell insulation helps keep your drinks cooler for longer.
  • A highlighted feature is the fast-flow valve, which means you’ll get adequate hydration quickly.
  • Zefal Artica Pro 55
  • With multiple layers of insulation, keep your choice of hydration at optimal temperatures for longer.
  • Leaks aren’t a worry with the lock-cap system.
  • Odorless material means it won’t take on a smell, and it’s BPA free.

Rock Climbing Packs:

Hydration when rock climbing is all about convenience, accessibility, and safety.

We’ve picked a few hydration packs that fit to your frame so you don’t have to worry about snags, but also provide the movement and range of motion you need.

  • Camelbak Octane 10 70 oz
  • The Octane is conveniently compressible, giving you the flexibility to pack what you want, how you want it.
  • It’s capable of holding a 2-liter reservoir, giving you plenty of hydration.
  • The clips on front will help snug it to your form, while still giving you the range of motion you need.
  • Camelbak Helena 20
  • The simplistic design of the Helena means you won’t have to carry more than you need, but it still provides plenty of storage options for what you do need.
  • The waist belt helps secure the pack to you, bringing confidence it will move with you as you climb.
  • With a women’s design in mind, this pack is also has a shorter back-panel and straps.
  • Osprey Syncrxo 5
  • If comfort is a top priority for you, this pack features extra ventilation options such as an AirSpeed 3D-tensioned back panel.
  • The close design helps avoid unnecessary bulk you won’t need.
  • With various zippered pockets, you have multiple storage options for what you need.

Rock Climbing Bottles:

While rock climbing, bottles can provide a convenient hydration option that doesn’t limit your range of motion. It’s important to pick bottles that are going to stay clipped to you and won’t become a danger to those below you.

  • Thermoflask
  • The signature insulation of a Thermoflask means you can keep your drink–hot or cold– at exactly the temperature you want.
  • The insulated design also helps avoid sweat on the outside of the bottle, meaning you can trust your grip mid-climb.
  • The loop top aids an easy way to clip your gear on securely, so you won’t have to worry about those below you.
  • Platypus DuoLock SoftBottle
  • With it’s flexible design, you won’t have to worry about the DuoLock SoftBottle smacking the rock, you, or anyone around you.
  • The flexibility also gives you more storage options, whether it’s clipped to your belt or stashed in the pocket of your pack.
  • The clip-design easily lets you attach it and carry it with you.
  • Camelbak Eddy
  • The classic Camelbak Eddy features an easy-to-use bite valve for convenient hydration.
  • The vacuum seal will help keep your drinks the temperature you want, when you want it.
  • The top side loop easily lets you clip the bottle to yourself, with confidence it will stay there.

Optimal hydration varies with sport, style, and preference. Whether it’s a sleek design or maximum storage, there are so many hydration options out there you can find the product that will give you exactly what you’re looking for. We hope you found a few options that fit your outdoor hydration needs by browsing our favorites above.

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