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Top 5 Benefits Of Hydration For Your Body

Why is it important to drink water? Water is a main life force for the plants and animals around you, and for your body too. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, so it’s no surprise the many health benefits proper hydration has for your body.

Click on any of the bullets below to read a specific role that water and proper hydration play on the functions of the body

Blood Pressure

  • Blood pressure is how our blood moves throughout our body.
  • The more water we drink, the least amount of effort our heart has to exert to move our blood.
  • The more water we drink, the easier it is on our heart and the lower our blood pressure is.
  • For optimal heart health, consider drinking water before strenuous activity to keep your hydration levels up and avoid dehydration.
  • Diet also plays a significant role in blood pressure, by increasing your water intake and lowering your intake of sugary drinks and soda, you can have a positive impact on your blood pressure as well.


  • Drinking water can help with muscle recovery after daily wear or an intense workout.
  • If the body is dehydrated, blood may not be circulated as efficiently which could result in muscles missing out on key minerals, like magnesium, that are needed to recover and reduce cramping and tightness.
  • For muscle recovery, water is the best rehydration option as it is not a natural diuretic and your body can absorb more of it.
  • Staying properly hydrated helps your muscles recover by helping your body get rid of lactic acid for complete muscle recovery.


  • Our brains are made up of almost 85% water, so that alone can explain the need for proper hydration just with brain function alone.
  • Dehydration symptoms on the brain include memory fog, more stress, trouble stabilizing emotions, lack of focus, issues sleeping, and more easily angered.
  • Water is essential energy for thought processing and memory function to occur in the brain.
  • When it comes to the production of hormones in the brain, water is a very necessary ingredient.


  • Proper hydration can reduce dark circles under your eyes, making your skin look brighter and healthier.
  • Staying hydrated helps your skin retain its elasticity, which helps avoid unnecessary wrinkles.
  • A good way to monitor your dehydration levels is to check if your body is thirsty or not. Thirst can be a sign your body is already dehydrated.

Digestion/Toxin Removal

  • Water helps your body begin the process of breaking down food for nutrient absorption.
  • Water aids in digestion by softening stool for excretion.
  • Although drinking water during and after meals is not technically necessary for digestion of foods, it does however help your body naturally move waste throughout your body.

How Do I Know If I’m Properly Hydrated?

Proper hydration can vary on body size and activity. Although there aren’t specific measurements for how much water someone should drink, there are easy ways to monitor if your properly hydrated or not.

Hydration Monitoring

  • Check the color of your urine. Most advise that a clear or pale yellow color means you’re body is not suffering from dehydration and you’re fairly well hydrated.
  • Pay attention to your level of thirst. If you’re already feeling thirsty, you’ve entered the beginning stages of dehydration.
  • If you have a very active lifestyle and want to ensure you’re replenishing your body with the exact amount of hydration it needs, you could consider weighing yourself before and after a workout. This can determine how much your body is losing through sweat, and you can then calculate how much you need to drink to replenish it.

We can’t even begin to stress the importance of adequate hydration for your body and your health. After reading the article above, we hope you have a greater understanding of how hydration impacts your body. As a hydration company, we have made it our life mission to help people find hydration solutions that work.

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