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Our bottle is pretty great for water and liquid flavor enhancers, but we didn’t want to stop just there. We came up with 9 unconventional ways to use your Infuze Vessel, and we even tested them out for you first.

Do you have some ideas of your own you’ve discovered? Comment them below and we’ll feature them.

1. Carbonated Water:

The signature of the Vessel is being able to flavor water, so we took it to the next step and added carbonated water. Get your fix of bubbles and still have the sweet hint of flavor you love as well. Simply add soda water to your bottle, put your flavoring/liquid water enhancer in the lid (our favorite is our Orange Elixir) and forget Ice sparkling water, San Pellegrino, and Bubbly, they’ve got nothing on us.

1. Seltzer Water/Carbonated Water
2. Orange Elixir

2. Mountain Dew/Lemon Flavor:

Another shout out to our favorite soda. We put straight dew in the bottle, our Lemon-Lime Elixir in the cartridge, and got double-caffeinated pure joy.

1. Mountain Dew
2. Lemon-Lime Elixir

3. CBD Oil:

For our CBD oil fans, we filled the cartridge full of the CBD oil of your choice, turned the flavor dial on full blast, and enjoyed sipping CBD infused water all day long.

1. 5-10 drops CBD oil that is safe for consumption (of your choice)
2. Water

Caution: if you fill your entire cartridge full of oil it may cause some of the seals inside of your lid to slip over time. We recommend filling the cartridge with a carrier that is not water (lemon juice or flavor is our favorite) and adding a few drops of CBD oil instead.

4. Lemon Essential Oil & Lemon Juice:

We tried just straight lemon juice in the cartridge, and while it was good we wanted something a little bit stronger. So we opted for straight lemon juice and a drop or two of pure essential oil (Doterra is our favorite). We put the lemon juice and oil in our cartridge and water in the bottle. It made for a stronger lemon flavor that is natural, sugar-free, and oh so delicious.

1. Lemon Juice
2. 2 drops Lemon Essential Oil
3. Water

5. Alcohol/Flavor Enhancer:

Not for the faint of heart, curiosity got the better of us on this one here. We put a mix of half Vodka/half club soda in the bottle and mint mojito concentrate in the cartridge. The result, great tasting Vodka that we drank a little too fast. We’re not necessarily saying you should do it, we’re just saying we tried it….and it worked.

1. Vodka
2. Club soda
3. Mint mojito concentrate

6. Flavored Sweet Tea:

We wanted to see if we could get this classic drink to work in our Infuze. We added sweet tea to the bottle and peach flavoring to the flavor tank. The result was the classic taste of sweet tea with just the right amount of peach flavoring mixed in.

1. Arizona Sweet Tea
2. Peach Cocktail Flavoring Concentrate

7. Flavored Lemonade:

A classic summer time drink, we put lemonade in the bottle and peach flavoring in the flavor tank. The sweet taste of lemonade mixed with peaches was like music to our ears.

We do recommend filling the bottle with 3/4 lemonade and 1/4 water for the perfect lemon-to-sweetness ratio

1. Arizona Sweet Tea
2. Peach Cocktail Flavoring Concentrate .

8. Sprite & Lime Juice:

Have you ever had a fresh lime? The Sprite and lime juice in your cup with a little bit of sugar on the rim and a lime wedge? That’s exactly what we were going for. We put Sprite in the bottle and lime juice in the flavor tank.
The carbonation did bubble up in our straw which made it a bit harder to drink, what we drank was pretty close to a fresh lime, minus the sugar-crusted rim.

1. Sprite
2. Lime Juice

9. Flavored Green Tea:

Another classic summer drink, this one we best described as a liquid peach ring. We put green tea in the bottle, peach flavoring in the tank and sat back to enjoy.

1. Arizona Green Tea
2. Peach Cocktail Flavoring Concentrate

26 thoughts on “Unconventional Vessel Uses”

  1. Love all these. Thank you for all the ways we can use these water bottles!! I’m obsessed!!!! Need more!!

    1. Thanks Amberley! We’re glad you like them. 🙂

      If you have some ideas of other ways to use the Vessel feel free to add them in a comment, we’d love to feature them!

  2. Due to the recent snow storm I got the idea to put plain hot chocolate in the Vessel with some liquid caramel flavoring in the lid. It was amazing!

  3. Amazing ideas! My daughter and her boyfriend at the University of New Mexico love their bottles and carry them everywhere on campus. My daughter is in a sorority. Maybe offer group deals for Greek life members and put their Greek letters on the bottles. Just a thought. 🙂

  4. After working out, I made vanilla protein and put caffeinated flavor in the flavor tank so I had a pick-me-up after lifting!

  5. I always imagined a great usage for the Infuze would be a watered down honey syrup or other liquid sweetener with a home brewed/unsweetened iced tea in the actual bottle. Perfect way to get the exact level of sweetness you want in your tea without having to eyeball it or guess. Hoping to buy one ASAP

  6. I can’t wait to try this in my infuze i love sparkling water with flavor and it much healthier! Thanks for sharing these great alternatives.

  7. Your water bottles look so cool!! That is so cool that your water bottles can hold cold and hot water/liquids and it will stay that way for a long time!

  8. Ooh I love all the different Ideas, never would have thought! Going to try some lemon juice today possibly, maybe some tea? Hope it turns out yummy! I love my infuze!

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