Vessel Starter Kit - Infuze Hydration

The Premium Vessel Starter Kit

Flavor at the turn of a dial! Get the perfect Vessel introduction with everything you need in one package. We’ll follow up with Elixir refills so your flavor will never run dry.

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Includes 3 Elixir flavors to start using your bottle right away. No hidden fees. Starter Kit ships for free.


The Vessel Starter Kit

  • 32 oz Stainless Steel Vessel
  • Infuze Flavor Straw Lid
  • 3 Elixir Flavors*
  • Lifetime Vessel Warranty**
  • Elixir Flavor Subscription (activated in two weeks)

*The Starter Kit Includes 3 Elixir Flavors. The Additional 8-Pack Will Ship Two Weeks from purchase date When The Elixir Flavor Subscription Is Activated.*
**with active Elixir Refills

Elixir Refills ship in two weeks

We’ll keep your flavor running with 8 Elixir Refills every month. You can add, remove, or change flavors anytime from your account page. Free shipping. Cancel anytime.



Infuze your water – Save money – Protect earth

The Infuze Elixirs are designed to taste so good that you’ll forget entirely how healthy you’re being. The Starter Pack includes 3 elixirs followed by 8 starting 2 weeks from your date of purchase .

One Elixir will flavor 140 ounces of water. That’s like buying a Gatorade or a bottle of Coke for forty cents. Huge savings! You’ll also reduce plastic waste by 7 bottles with each Elixir.

  • Elixir Refills ship every month.
  • You’ve got a 23% discount.
  • Change flavors anytime.






Fill your flavor tank with Infuze Elixir. If you prefer your own flavor then feel free to fill up with whatever you’d like. You can even fill two tanks with different flavors and switch throughout the day. The flavor in your tank will never touch the water in your bottle, so you’ll never ruin another expensive bottle with the permanent after taste of whatever was in your bottle last.


When the dial is off you’ll get pure water. As you start to turn the dial, you will get a hint of flavor. The further you turn the more flavor you get. You decide where the flavor intensity is just right.

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